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How To Use The Smoke Away Program

Contents: Formula 1, Formula 2, Homeopathic Medicine and The Smoke Away Smokers Support Handbook.

Follow these steps before starting the Smoke Away program:
1. Throwaway all cigarettes, even hidden emergency packs. You must eliminate all temptation to smoke.
2. Clean and put away all ashtrays.
3. Completely deodorize your house, car and clothing of stale cigarette smoke.
4. Ask friends and relatives not to smoke in your house or car for one week while you are on this program.

Your manual contains proven, safe and current techniques utilized for long-term health and positive visualizations for a quick transformation from a smoker to an ex-smoker. Read it thoroughly!

FORMULA 1 USAGE DIRECTIONS: Contents (64 tablets)
1. On your first night using Smoke Away, before retiring for the evening, take the recommended dosage of Formula 1. Take with 8 oz. of water (distilled works best) or milk and a light snack. Get a full nights rest.
2. When you wake in the morning, repeat your dosage of Formula 1 with breakfast. Repeat this dosage again at lunch, and at dinner or bedtime. Continue to take three sets of capsules for three days.
3. On the fourth day, assess your progress. If you are feeling good, then try reducing your dosage by one capsule. For example, if you've been taking three capsules three times a day, try reducing that to two capsules three times a day. If you have difficulty, then resume your normal dosage. Repeat the dosage that works for you on the fifth day as well.
4. If on the sixth and seventh day you still feel fine, try reducing your dosage again. Do not reduce your dosage below one capsule three times a day.

1f you have a craving for a cigarette, place up to three pellets of the Natural Homeopathic Medicine under your tongue. This product should only be taken as needed.

FORMULA 2 USAGE DIRECTIONS: Contents (60 tablets)
Formula 2 is only to be used if necessary after completing Formula 1. If overcome with a prolonged urge to smoke, take 2 tablets a day as directed. This product should only be taken as needed.


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