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In order for you to truly realize the full benefits of the Smoke Away system, we have attempted to
answer some of the most commonly and frequently asked questions:


Q: What are some of the ingredients in Smoke Away?
Some of the all natural ingredients in Formula 1 include: lobelia, licorice root, passionflower, sarsparilla root, siberian ginseng, echinachea, elderberry fruit, ginger root, barley grass, bayberry root, cayenne pepper, lemon balm, peppermint leaf, safflower seed, bioperine, and black pepper extract.

Some of the ingredients in Formula 2 include: Red Clover, Gotu Kola, Burdock Root, Korean Ginseng Root, Milk Thistle, Rosemarry, Wild JuJuBe Extract, and Lemon Verbena

Click Here for a comprehensive list of ingredients in Smoke Away.

Q: I am taking various medications and I want to know whether it is safe to take Smoke Away with them?
Although Smoke Away is a completely natural product, we always suggest that you talk with your physician first. Smoke Away is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Q: How long does it take to get my kit?
Whether you call to order by phone or order online, most orders will ship within 48 hours (M-F). Shipping generally takes 3-5 days.

Q: What are the side effects of Smoke Away?
In some instances, it has been reported and documented that mild headaches and some stomach discomfort with possible diarrhea have been a result of taking Smoke Away. Which is why we stress taking Smoke Away with food.

Q. I need directions for taking Smoke Away. What are they?
Click here for directions for taking Smoke Away.

Q. Can I use Smoke Away if I am pregnant or nursing?
No, Smoke Away should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing.

Q: Can I smoke while I am on the program?
For best results, we recommend that you discontinue smoking the night prior to beginning the program.

Q: What is the Smoke Away money back guarantee?
Just try our program, and if you are dissatisfied in any way with Smoke Away, simply return the bottles (empty or full) along with a written request within 90 days and we will issue a full refund. No questions asked. Refund will be less shipping and handling.

Simply return any unused portion along with a copy of your invoice (or your full name and address) to:

Quit Smoking
3675 Glennvale Ct
Cumming, GA 30041

Please allow a minimum of 2-4 weeks for refund.

Q: What is the address if I want to send you a check or money order?
If you prefer to order Smoke Away by check or money order, please send your check or money order made out to Smoke Away to the following address:

Quit Smoking
3675 Glennvale Ct
Cumming, GA 30041

Please specify how many kits you are ordering. Smoke Away is $59.99 + $4.95 for shipping/handling. You can also use our shopping cart to generate an order form that you can mail in. Just go to the Order Page and add to your shopping cart. Then checkout and choose the option of paying by mail.


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